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Posted by Fr. Tere on 12/24/2015

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The wait is over!                           The wait continues.

Jesus is here.                                Jesus is coming soon.

The “world,” if it notices at all, focuses only on the first part of God’s rescue plan: Jesus is here – but only as a beautiful baby, and, maybe, with a focus on his being born into very poor conditions to an unmarried mother, living under oppression. That story pushes all our buttons, doesn’t it? poor baby, unwed mother, even – at least temporarily – homeless, being refused a place to stay.

And the world celebrates lavishly! Too often by giving gifts people can’t afford, to people who wanted something else, to those who already have more than they could ever need. Too often gifts are given not out of love and a spirit of giving, but out of “requirement” and a grudging spirit. Some gifts are received in a spirit of entitlement, not joy or excitement. Much of our world goes deeply into debt and works hard to pay the bills so we can do it all over next year! And there are times, when all the gifts are opened, the floor littered with paper and ripped-open boxes, the thank-yous having been said either joyfully or dutifully, that we find a depression setting in – is that all there is? Why?

The day of Christmas comes. The day of Christmas goes. Jesus came – it’s all over. Yawn, bah humbug. We’ll think of him again next year – mostly we’ll think of Santa Claus next year – the great giver.

Yes, Jesus came – and that’s why we’re here. We come not only to celebrate his birth, but to celebrate the reason for his birth. He came not to create a sweet story most people refuse to believe, but to offer himself as the perfect, one and only, sacrifice for Adam’s sin (original disobedience) and our sins (ongoing disobedience). He too all sin on himself, made himself anathema to his Father, was killed in the worst way possible, and buried, covered in my sins, and yours, as his burial shroud.

Because of us one, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, God raised him from the dead and he was gloriously Light, Way, Truth, Life – all sin had been covered in his blood and we are offered forgiveness and adoption into a family, a perfect family, that will remain forever.

Jesus came – we have been set free. That means something if, by faith, we accept that freedom and love, and the man who died for us. He asked us to turn our understanding of the universe upside down.

Let him turn your world upside down! From death to life, from depression to you, from addiction to freedom. Jesus came – Jesus is coming soon. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

Merry Christmas. May Jesus Christ, who was, who is, who is to come, reign in your heart.   Pastor Tere

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