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Posted by Fr. Tere on 06/05/2016

News of Jesus in action – I want all of you to share in the absolute joy and delight I find in helping, praying for, and loving on both those who don’t know Jesus and those who have absolutely nothing in worldly goods. Here are two stories that will change me over the next few years.

These boys are Brighton (has dwarfism) [L] and Wilson [R], both about 2-years-old. This week both got sponsors for their lives at S- Village, in Tanzania.Brighton & Wilson - orphans

Nancy and I have “adopted” (well, will sponsor!) Wilson, on the right. When God says, “Go!” and then gives a child the sweetest face on earth and the name Wilson, you know you’re hearing something God is saying. When he’s old enough for Baby School and later, we’ll help sponsor his education. I don’t know his back story yet, but I ask you for your prayers for Wilson, S- Village, for Josephat , Coordinator /father of Village, Brighton, Matthew (7 mo), Shedrack (3), Ibrahim (9), and Evarest (11) [all of whom found sponsors THIS WEEK – God is getting things done. We’ll find other children either at this orphanage or at the one in Kenya. This is a picture of some of the mob, with the new van some of us helped them buy this year. bus and childrennew building


The following is from John

Hello Jerry & Stacy,

Greetings from a very cold A-- trusting that you are doing fine. How are you both been doing. I have to admit that I am not sure whether you are in Zanzibar or already in S--. Your work & passion for the things of God are a real inspiration for Jacinta and myself.  Thank you for being so much alive for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for the support you send for our work permit. I have mine though Jacinta's is still under process. Please pray that the confusion within the issuing authority will end soon.

We have been doing very well though busy with both family and Ministry. Miracle is in Uganda doing her DTS as she looks forward to join university this coming September. Faith our second born just joined secondary school and she is settling in well. She has some struggles adjusting to the new school, teachers and environment but seem to love it now. Promise our youngest attends the YWAM school and stays home with us. He is a very happy young guy loved by other kids and those around us.

Jacinta has been doing great with her health unlike previous years when she had lots of health challenges. The sewing school she started a few years ago is going very well. This year we took in young single mothers aged between 16 & 21 for the sewing school. It has been an exciting four months with each one of them liking the discipleship part which was our main aim of running the school. They have been growing a lot in the Lord and also learning the skill of making clothes. Her weekly Masai women discipleship program is going very well. These women have been growing a lot and presently they are working on putting up simple improved affordable houses with tinned roofs for their families. They have been working on the program for some time now and so glad that its almost being realized. It is very exciting to see the Lord work through these women.

This last few months we have also been so blessed to be part of transforming lives of so many vulnerable people through Hand Prints - Primary Needs initiative that the Lord started speaking to us a few years ago. This is meant to reach out to vulnerable individuals through acts of mercy leaving the Hand Prints of Christ on people's lives. Through this initiative we have been able to provide improved & affordable homes to widows and other vulnerable people. One of the widows that benefited out of this project had the wall of her old house curve in and collapse under the ongoing heavy rains just two nights after moving into the new home. The wall fell with such a bang at the exact sport where seven of her kids slept. Our initiative was able to save seven precious lives and untold agony to the family. Hallelujah! we praise the Lord for this.

We have also been able to reach out ministering love to people leaving with physical disability through providing wheelchairs, medical support, educational needs and food. During one of our recent outreaches we met a young orphaned boy by the name Samwel aged 14 in a very desperate state. Samwel has never been to school due to lack of school fees. The tears in his eyes for love of school could not be hidden. Graciously after months of prayers God made a way for Samwel to go to school this last week. We believe that the Lord is about changing this young boy's history for ever.

We have also been able to get quite a number of kids into our sponsorship program. Kindly pray for Shadrack, Deborah, Brian and Samwel our newest kids as they take this journey of new found love. Pray that they will enjoy their education and realize their God given dreams. God is busy putting broken lives together and we are happy to be part of this process.

Please continue to pray for our mercy ministry kid. The needs are enormous but God has been so faithful.

I have also been very active in my teaching ministry and was recently very blessed to teach on Miracle's DTS in Uganda. The base is going very well with lots of challenges but also encouraging stuff. This week both our regular DTS and the Maasai focus DTS will be leaving for their two months’ evangelistic outreach. It’s exciting to see the 50 students go out to share the love of Christ to those who have had little or no opportunity to hear. All of them are daring to go and make disciples for Christ.

Please pray with us for Miracle's University fees. We will need to raise $6,000 between now and September to make that happen. Kindly pray with us for a miracle of provision.

We are always very thankful for your love, prayers and support. Know that you are often in our thoughts and prayers, do write and let us know how we can be praying for you.

Kindly find a report of our Hand Prints/ Primary needs initiative.

Our love to you both, blessings.  John

Hand Prints – Primary Needs Housing Project Report       28/05/2016

Dear Friends,

Greetings from A-- trusting that you are doing well. We have been well and feel blessed to be part of a work that the Lord is starting to work through our obedience – providing cheap and secure homes for vulnerable families. The construction of the houses has been going on well as the Lord provides through well-wishers. I will outline a small background from each house being built. In this document I will also include photos of the family in their old house and the new houses for comparison. The change in these families is evident.  Please join in praying and giving towards this noble task.

Areas of Operation.

This project is being pioneered in two areas consecutively. The first is in Arusha, Tanzania. This targets the Maasai people. Secondly, the project is being initiated in the western part of Kenya among the Luhya tribe. The response has been quite amazing and plausible. As such, we are motivated to be a blessing to more people reaching out to more needy and vulnerable families.

Mode of Operation.

It is prudent to note that this ministry is not entirely one sided. We try as much as possible to involve the community. This starts right from the community leadership and all community members. This is entirely driven by the church members in the given community. It’s the church in association with local civic leadership that scouts and identifies the families that are in dire need. They then come up with the budget for the house. This mostly depends on various issues at hand such as:

  • The size of the family.
  • The available resources.

We try to make the whole community involved, as much as possible. After the budget has been drawn, the community identifies which materials they can come up with. The materials needed include. Trees / wood / poles / timber, iron sheets, nails, labor, doors and windows.

The community endeavors to provide the trees/timber and volunteered labor. The Primary Needs Ministry then provides the roofing iron sheets, nails and pays for the professional services of a carpenter to do the specifications and the roofing. These houses are made of mud walls which are crafted with timber and poles. This is the common type of housing in these localities. If constructed well with maximum efficiency, these simple structures can last 10 to 15 years.

Joseph & Crisp's houseThe first house has been built in a place called L-- and belongs to Mr.  Joseph and his wife Crisps. As you may see in the attached photos, Crisps has a serious back problem that might leave her deformed. It is even affecting the way she stands on her feet. Together the two have a total of ten children. The family is pretty low economically with no farm land. Some of the kids have dropped out of school coz of lack of school fees. Both Joseph and Crisps are very thankful for the support of a new house. They are already using the house and already shielding the family from the present long rains. In my earlier email I had indicated that this kind of houses take about three months to be well done as the walls have a process that takes several stages after it is dry. Will send you photos of the complete houses at a later date.

The secondhouse being built house is located in a place called L- and belongs to a widow called Mary Auma . Her husband passed on in 2003 leaving her with 4 orphaned children. Mary works on people’s farms to raise her children which is barely enough for their upkeep. Her first born son dropped out of school due to extreme poverty and lack of school fees. The other three children are still in primary school and very optimistic about life. Support for Mary to own a house has been timely and God send. We are working on this house now and the progress is encouraging.

The third house is located at S- village. It belongs to a widow, Everlyne. Her husband passed away in 2005 after a long battle with ailmnent. He left behind the widow with 5 children. Two of the children are in primary school. To sustain her family, Everlyne is a casual labourer and a subsistance farmer. She can’t afford a decent life to own a house from her meager earnings thus our intervention. She is grateful for being given the much needed gift of a house. Surely, she attests to the God’s abundance.

We have amazing testimonies from these three families and their neigbours concerning the houses. The interventions was indeed times and God send. Our heart most gratitudes to you and all those who gave towards this project. It has been a true witness of God’s for humanity.

One house costs $400 after cost sharing with the communities where where our target people come from where that is possible as shared above. We have already identified other major needs needing help.  As indicated in my earlier communication, we are in the process of identifying other needy families that need housing. In the next phase we would love to take on atleast 15 houses. Your prayers are appreciated and giving will make this possible.

Jacinta and I remain very thankful. You remain in our thoughts and prayers. God bless.

Yours in Christ, John & Jacinta

Hand Prints – Primary Needs Housing Project for Families

1.      Catherine is a widow with 3 children. Her husband dies 6 years ago due to a chronic stomach ailment and alcohol consumption. The widow is extremely poor needing prayers and momentary help. 
2.      Margret is a widow. Her husband passed on in 2001 living her with 3 children. Her eldest daughter is in form three and needing a lot of help with her school fees. This house cannot comfortably take in four people. I could not even stand inside. Margaret is a hawker but can barely make ends meet from her little income.
3.      Anjelina a widow with five children, two sons and three daughters. Two of her daughters passed away leaving her with 3 children to care for. Her husband was murdered back in 2005.
4.       Mr. & Mrs. Job's family. Job is the first born in a family of five children and has to work on people's farms to take care of his family, parents and siblings. He needs shelter from the long rains.
5.      Mr. & Mrs. Normax lives a very humble life. They have three children of their own and have adopted 2 other kids who lost their parents to HIV/ AIDS.
6. Sarah a widow with 5 children. Her husband passed away last year. Her house is a total getto/ shanty with no space even for the kids.

Primary Needs Housing ProjectSticks for building
Elizabeth is a widow with four children. Her husband past on in 2015 after a long illness. It is a very poor family. Two of her children went to visit their uncle coz school is on holiday.
Margaret Teresa is a widow and her husband died in 2015 after prolonged sickness leaving her with four (4) children. The eldest is 12 years old. Due to the heavy rains her house collapsed two weeks ago. Margaret and her children have no home at the moment. Her church and the community have gathered some materials to help her put up a small grass thatched house what whatever they have does not add up. Please find photos of her and her children at the sight of the fallen house and also the gathered materials including grass normally used to thatch the roof. This family is desperate.
Niaserian Mume, she is with 5 children. She can’t remember when her husband dies and again that is understandable among the Masai. They don’t keep dates but their time is around events. Because of her Christian faith she has been rejected by the extended family and it is a problem even feeding her 5 children. She is one of the people you shared with in church when you talked about the story of the Samaritan.

Namelock is a widow with 6 children. Some of the kids were away when we took the photos. The husband passed on a few years ago and had 8 wives. Namelock was the youngest of the 8. After the husband passed on she has been rejected by the family also due to her Christian faith. Her living conditions are pathetic. She needs help especially with the house. She is a strong believer and a member of our Maasai Church.

Makes us wonder sometimes, what we are doing to advance the Kingdom and care for the widows and orphans, doesn’t it?! Some children are also up for adoption! Ready to sponsor a child? or build a house?

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