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Posted by Fr. Tere on 08/21/2016

Yesterday, several of us were able to attend the “house-raising” of “our” Habitat H4H house wallsfor Humanity home in Moore, and meet the soon-to-be owner (Lee Ann) and her adult disabled son (Brayden). When we arrived, there were a few exterior walls and some lines on the floor. Lee Ann was wandering around, saying she couldn’t quite imagine where the rooms would be. At 1:00 we and the crew began raising walls. By 2:30, most of the walls, interior and ex-terior, were up and being power nailed to the slab. What a difference. You could see the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living quarters, and, at least in my mind, imagine the ceilings and sheetrock going on, and paint being applied, and “move-in day.”        What an exciting time for the new homeowners and us.

All the family is excited about Lee Ann getting back into Moore and in a house better built and with a standing Tornado Shelter in the garage (Braydon cannot get down into an underground shelter with his disability, so whether in a wheelchair or otherwise, he can get into the shelter from a bedroom. Because of his disability, the entire house is designed for a wheelchair and other changes from the norm for the disabled. That will make everything much easier for both of them, and he’ll be able to get into the shelter by himself, whether or not Lee Ann is at work. As with so many survivors of the 2013 (and other) tornados, both are still affected with PTSD and bad storms are a real problem with them. Moore is full of people with PTSD, mostly untreated, and they should be in our prayers.

H4H house with wallsThere are walls! Not the final look, of course, but rooms appeared as if by magic.

For some weird reason, all of this construction, with odd looking things being put in order and made strong because the whole was supported and held up by the individual parts, reminded me of the Church and our own spiritual growth.

On earth, the Church is only as strong as its parts. More strong parts equal a stronger whole. ACNA is founded on this premise, on the idea that we are looking to plant churches who plant churches who …  on the idea of making disciples who make disciples who … As a new denomination, we grow by planting strong seeds, strong young churches. And as a Province we become a wall in the greater Church – being strongly nailed into place and supporting all the others, some stronger, some weaker, some huge, some small. If you stand one wall of a new house by itself, it will fall – the slightest breeze will topple it. Add another section of wall and tie them together, and they might stand, but not be too strong. Keep adding sections and tying them together, the whole is strong and immovable (under normal circumstances). The Church is like that – we need strong parishes, strong dioceses, strong provinces, all tied together and all upholding the same Gospel of the same Lord, with the same baptism and the same direction. Then the Church approaches that which Jesus taught. When there is a firm and orthodox foundation, with solid teaching, the way things get done is not very relevant – oneness has been achieved.

H4H Blessing of the wallsAnd it must be undergirded with prayer. The last thing we did as a group today was exactly that. As the walls were tied together to create a whole that cannot be shaken, as the nails were shot into the concrete base, holding them firmly on the foundation, we prayed – we blessed the actual studs and walls, we blessed those who are building the house, those who are supervising the process, for Habitat, for those who gave money, for the two who are going to be living in their new place that cannot be shaken.

God was glorified, his Name was raised high in the neighborhood where his actions and love are so obvious. Praise the Name of the Lord.

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