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Posted by Fr. Tere on 05/22/2016

May 1, 2016      Loyalty Day & Silver Star Service Banner Day

May 6, 2016     Military Spouse Appreciation Day

May 8, 2016     VE (Victory in Europe) Day

May 8, 2013     Tornado # 17

May 9, 2013     Tornados ## 18-19

May 13, 2016   Children of Fallen Patriots Day

May 15, 2013   Tornado # 20

May 19, 2013   Tornados ## 21-28 2 killed; 14 injured*

May 20, 2013   Tornados ## 29-43 24 killed; 212 injured*

May 20, 2016   Armed Forces Day

May 28, 2013   Tornados ## 44-45

May 29, 2013   Tornados ## 46-48

May 30, 2016   Memorial Day (Decoration Day)

May 30, 2013   Tornados ## 49-60 5 injured*

May 31, 2013   Tornados ## 61-79 8 killed; 27 injured*

*according to National Weather Service, Norman, OK

This is a full month of remembrances and tears, as well as joys, of course. For Spirit-filled people of God, there are always joys, and, even more, always hope. Christ’s own cannot be without hope.

Three years ago, on May 12, 2013, we celebrated Mother’s Day, as you and Bishop Bill installed your 2nd Rector, and we joyfully celebrated. The next Sunday, the 19th, we all listened with bated breath to reports of tornados in the area, not far away. Two were killed that day, in Shawnee, with injuries in Cleveland and Pottawatomie counties, and damage or other tornados in Oklahoma, Logan, Lincoln, Cleveland, Pottawatomie, Creed, and Okfuskee counties (8 distinct tornados).

On the 20th there was very unsettled weather, but Pastor Tere went to Deacon Ruth’s to spend time with her and Irene’s mother, Sarah, who was staying there for a few days. Finally, he decided (too late!) to leave to get home to Nancy before the storms, and four hours later he found a way north of the storm-path, after sitting on I-35 watching a black wall moving across Moore. Then began the phone calls to make certain y’all were all right. You were all right, but over half the parish had damages of some sort to your property – none of it catastrophic, but some enough to move to new locations until repairs could be completed.

That day saw 24 killed and 212 injured, affecting Cleveland, McClain, Stephens, Osage, Washington, Rogers, Ottawa, Newton (MO), Adair, Washington (AR), Coal, and Leflore counties (14 distinct tornados). This began a period of intense ministry to those affected, with money and supplies coming from all over the country. We began to house people from various places who came here to help.

The weather continued to be rumbly and tumbly throughout the month, with 16 more tornados in the State between the 25th and the 30th. Then came the 31st. Our friends from Plano, TX, came in from a day of clean-up, went to our house to get clean. Nancy, Asher (dog), and Pastor Tere took pizza to the Parish Hall to eat and talk. It kept getting darker and rainier and windier and the reports weren’t good – then the lights went out, and soon we were inundated with approximately 150-200 people (many children and dogs) trying to get out of the storm and gain some protection from the tornados. Everyone was quiet, and we ended up with no injuries or major damages (a few trees on our grounds, one branch of which went into a car). And then it was quiet and then they were gone, even in the blinding rain. We took one very lost and confused couple home (which hadn’t been hit), and it was over for the night.

Now we are ready to complete our part in those recovery efforts, at least on a monetary level, with the beginning of “our” house which will be built through Habitat for Humanity. Besides the $45,000 we have given for the (partial) construction of the house, we saved back $5,000. That will be used to help “our” people build a fence or whatever else they need to move in. And there’s more! We can work on the house, in ways possible in line with our ages and ailments. We’ll can take the builders cold drinks and help in other ways, giving us the chance to put our hands and feet where our Anglican (and others) $$ are being used. We can literally “stand in” for all those who gave but cannot be here to help – a time to rejoice and reflect with those who couldn’t stand NOT giving when brothers and sisters were suffering catastrophic loss.

It’s been a long three years, but in the midst of everything, a forgiven, redeemed, restored, and Spirit-filled people proclaims, “Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia,” as we give thanks to our Creator, stand in awe of the crucified and resurrected Savior, and give thanks for the One who lives in us with fire and power. We seek to glorify that One God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – while we seek to reach others with the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. and in the midst of that, whatever shape and form it comes, we praise him who is, who was, and who ever shall be. Amen.

As if that all weren’t enough, this is our National Military Appreciation Month – the whole month. I certainly wish more were made of this, but we’ll remember. It’s also the month we celebrate those who have been awarded the Silver Star for their bravery in battle; military spouses who support our troops here while they serve there; Victory in Europe Day, effectively ending the Western part of WWII; we honor the children of those who have died for their and our country, leaving them without a father or a mother; we celebrate and honor all Armed Forces; and on the 30th, we will remember all those who gave their lives for our country and were killed in battle.

We would not be able to celebrate the tornado recovery or the gifts of the Holy Spirit without those who died in our stead and served our nation in times of crisis. We honor the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and all the support people who make it all possible.

May our God bless us and keep us. May our God bless the United States of America. May the United States of America choose to bless God. Thank you God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thank you to the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

Pastor Tere

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