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For monetary donations please donate directly to Christ our Redeemer, please mail checks to 204 SW 104th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73139. Please make checks out to Christ our Redeemer and in the memo line put "Relief Fund."

Father God; only You are holy, only you are true. All we have is from You. We plead Your mercy on the people who have been so shattered by the losses they have endured. Show Your peace in the midst of chaos, Your love in the midst of unimaginable loss, Your strength in the midst of our weakness. Pour Your Spirit also on those whose hearts are opening to help the people of Moore and other areas struck down by the tornadoes. The need is great and You are raising up great givers. Thank You for opening hearts and hands to bring glory to Your holy name. Amen.

Tornado Relief Assistance Fund Donation

Again Blessed to be a blessing

We are working with Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity to build a house for a lady and her disabled adult son in Moore. Because the building costs in Moore are so much higher than normal because of the mandatory tornado-proofing, Habitat is having problems financing its share of the building process. We need help. Please direct funds either to Christ our Redeemer, as shown above, or to Habitat. Mark any donations with LeeAnne.

Blessed to be a blessing
February 17, 2015, 10:00 A.M.
Crutcho Public Schools
2401 N Air Depot Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73141

Donation reception and other announcements

We know that damages from the tornadic activity in May 2013 spread far beyond damages from the actual funnels.

One of the "outlier" damages happened at Crutcho Public Schools. This is an area bounded by Crutcho Creek, which had major flooding as a result of the rains that wrapped the May 31, 2013, tornado. The Crutcho School building basement was completely flooded with over 27,000 gallons of water that had to be removed. Over 30% of the students at Crutcho were affected by the storms on the 31st. Many lived in the immediate area, which is one of the lowest elevations in the City; others lived in the adjacent trailer park, which was flooded and suffered massive damages.

Crutcho Public Schools District is a one-school Independent School District, over 100 years old, serving one of the poorest areas in greater Oklahoma City area. Nearly all of the students are eligible for free breakfasts and lunches, have very poor academic backgrounds, and in too many cases, little support in their environment.

After more than a year of discussions with Crutcho, the Christ our Redeemer Tornado Relief Assistance Fund [with funding from throughout the greater Anglican Church in North America and many other donors], has granted $10,000 to Crutcho Public Schools for two purposes:

  • To provide entrance fees to field trip sites
  • To work with the Red Cross to provide each child at Crutcho Schools with an Emergency Preparedness Kit and for training for parents, children and teachers, to prepare for another emergency in the area.

The majority of the children served by Crutcho, in the words of its Supervisor, Teresa McAfee,

"lack the background knowledge and experiences necessary to understand what they read. The teachers are successful in teaching them to decode the words but the students cannot recall what they read because they cannot relate to the text they are reading. We want to provide the students with as many experiences as possible to help them relate to vocabulary in the text they encounter.

"I have hired a full time bus driver to transport children on field trips. The field trips will be first-hand experiences to learn new vocabulary and concepts. ...

"Teachers will develop lessons around these experiences. This will allow teachers to introduce new concepts and vocabulary in real and meaningful ways. The donation would be placed in a separate account to be used to help students pay for these field trips."

Christ our Redeemer Anglican Church was blessed to host several groups who came to help clean and rebuild Moore and the surrounding area. Most of the groups were from Texas, but helpers came from all over the country, with many sleeping here in the church building.

In fact, a group from Texas and Fr. Tere & Nancy (his wife) sheltered at the church building during the activity of May 31, 2013. And because we "happened" to be at the church that night, we were able to shelter, pray with, cry with, and support about 200 frightened people, including about 50 children and 15 dogs, during that horrible storm.

These new friends were on the streets, heading to the freeway to go south, as all the newscasters were saying to do. Several had been through the May 20 Moore tornados and had relocated north to new housing. SW 104th Street became gridlocked and the rain, with 80 - 90 mph winds, created a nearly 0 visibility situation. They saw our lights, grabbed their children, fled their cars, and came inside, and together we weathered the storm.

A few weeks later, we were blessed with a group of young people, who came from all over Connecticut, and stayed here for several days under the leadership of Fr. Micah Thompson, Church of the Apostles, Fairfield. Because of a God-connection, I had met Duana Newcomb-Eckroat, a Free Methodist pastor, connected with Crutcho. We set these young people loose in the basement at Crutcho and they joyfully and prayerfully cleaned and painted and scrubbed. They found band instruments under the ruined bleachers and carefully scrubbed the mold from them, hoping to save them for the students. It was a wonderful God-filled time for them and for us.

While there I was impressed with the love and care of the Supervisor, Teresa McAfee, and everyone we met, especially Duana. That experience, made us know that the children at Crutcho needed help and that we could furnish some of that.

God is good - we have been blessed to be a blessing to others.

Crutcho School Tornado Funds presentation

3rd & 4th Graders from Crutcho Schools, Fr. Tere Wilson, Karen & Frankie Campbell


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