A Letter from Arusha - what more can we do?

Posted by Fr. Tere on 04/23/2017

We take the joy of Easter and of daily living so for granted. These are pictures of a few orphan children from Samaritan Village, Arusha, Tanzania, and a letter from Josephat, listing gifts from the area for the orphans.


    Joash                  Josiah                     Joyce                   Lucresia

Dear Samaritan friends, I thanks God all children's doing well. I attach pictures of 4 children and their name's. They growing well. Easter holiday is over, and children will start school April 23rd.

Youth group(Arusha)- 10liters  cooking  oil, soap, 25kgs rice, biscuits, sweets and match box.
fwer and Mrs Frank Daniel(Arusha)- Cooking oil, sugar, soap, skin oil and tea.
Jackline Kessy(Arusha)- Cash-50,000T. shillings.
Sabine Zbiuden(Arusha)- 3pkts Cakes and juice.
Learning Land pre and day care school (Arusha)- Soap, rice, maize flour, sugar, shoes, clothes and bead.
Mr and Mrs Kileo(Arusha)- Cash- 100,000T.shillings.
Vicent Garo family(Arusha)- Clothes.
Regina Temba and Family (Arusha)- Green paper.
Michael Mistinda (Arusha)-Soap, clothes and Sugar.
Goobouts Family (Arusha)- 50kgs Sugar, 50kgs rice, 25kgs maize flour, millet flour, soap, juice, pampas, tea, sweets, skin oil, tooth brushes, tooth paste, cooking oil, peanut butter, blue band and 1box pen.
Safina Jonathan (Arusha)- wheat flour, soap and sugar.
Devota James (Arusha)- Fruits
Beatrice Alex (Arusha)- 25kgs  Rice, soap, cooking oil, tea, salt and spaghetti.
Lazaro and Joyce (Arusha)-25kgs Sugar, 20liters cooking oil, soap and skin oil.
Rose Njilo Mosses (Arusha)- Cash- 16,000T.shillings.
Flora Clemence-Hovinais (Arusha)- Cash-200,000T.shillings for children food.
Med Foods Co.(Arusha)-50kgs  millet flour and 3boxes milk.
Grace Kamakia (Arusha)- 7kgs Soap.
Obedi Malami (Arusha)- Fruits.
Nina Brench and Mara Brouninger (Germany)- Kitchen towel, spoons, shoes, sponges and sponge towel.
Raphael Alphayo (Arusha)- Sugar, rice, soap, tea, soap, 10liters cooking oil, 3tin milk, 25kgs wheat flour, Salt, 10kgs beans and toothpaste.
Godfrey Sisia and family (Arusha)-Rice.
Hans Mrema (Arusha)- Maize flour, sugar, rice, soap, toys and clothes.
Hesion Z (Arusha)- Soap.
Kenned John (Arusha)- 10kgs Rice, beans, cooking oil, soap, sugar, and tea.
Devota James (Arusha)- Fruits.
Elia Minja (Arusha)- Banana.
Faraja Majengo (Arusha)- 25kgs Rice, maize flour, sugar, cooking oil, soap and tea.
Richard Lameck (Arusha) Clothes, biscuits and sweets.
Daniel and Naomi (Arusha)- 1carton Soap, 1carton salt, 10liters cooking oil, juice, soap, rice, biscuits, and sweets.
Srilimlcon (Arusha)- 80kgs Flour.
Jelena Ganter (Germany)-Clothes and jewellery.
Mr. Vandana & Sunflag tearm (Arusha)  - Lunch for children
Mr. & Mrs Claude H family  (Arusha)- Bites during Easter Sunday
Thank you

Josephat Mmanyi Co-ordinator/father of Village

What could we accomplish with small gifts from this small Church?

Alleluia! Christ is risen.

The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!


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