Visiting Christians under Sharia Law

Posted by Fr. Tere on 09/13/2014

In one of our Anglican provinces, Sharia Law has just been implemented and Bibles are being confiscated.  As a Christian you are classified as dhimmi - your rights are severely restricted, and you are taxed heavily.  It is now a crime there to use the name of Allah if you are not a Muslim.  There are laws about dress, and the result of breaking them is flogging.  Other corporal punishments are the norm, like cutting off of the hand if you are accused of being a thief.  There are countless examples of women being flogged for things like wearing trousers under a burka!  How that was even discovered is a mystery.

Sharia stems from a verse in the Qur'an (45:19) that says, "Then We set thee on a clear path in the matter of religion; so follow it, and follow not the evil inclinations of those who know not."  That in itself sounds rather innocuous, but the problem is that where Sharia has been implemented, it covers not only rules about worship and responsibilities of Muslims, but also laws about legal and political things.

The Archbishop of this region has asked Bishop Atwood to visit and offer encouragement to the Christians there.  Please pray for the upcoming visit!  Please pray for safety and supernatural anointing to convey the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please pray, too, for the Christians who live in this difficult place.  Pray too for Bishop Atwood's visit, for safety, and for supernatural anointing to convey the grace and fruit of the Spirit to Christian Brothers and Sisters.

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