Friend of the Devil

Posted by Fr. Tere on 10/10/2014


Ever since Aleister Crowley gained the reputation for being the “wickedest man in the world,” there have been imitators, poseurs, and wannabes. Herbert Arthur Sloane, Anton LaVey, Ozzie Osbourne, Marilyn Manson–with a greater or lesser degree of seriousness, these and others have tried to make Satanism a thing. The latest pretender to the throne appears to be a guy from Oklahoma named Adam Daniels, who rented out the Oklahoma City Civic Center in an effort to get the world to pay attention to him:

Sunday’s upcoming Satanic black mass in the Oklahoma City Civic Center may be attracting national media attention, but it is not a publicity stunt, says Adam Daniels, the self-avowed devil worshipper who organized it.

“This is not a game. It’s very serious to us,” Daniels said in a phone conversation this week.

The “us” is him and his worms, if I don’t miss my guess.

“This will be held as a real black mass, altered to follow state laws,” he said.

In other words, it’s not a real black mass. Crowley would not be impressed.

He said when his Oklahoma City-based Satanic group — the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu Syndicate — conducts the black mass in private, it involves sex, urine and nudity.

The Civic Center ceremony Sunday will tone down those elements to comply with state law, he said, but in every other way, it will be a genuine Satanic ritual.

The purpose of the mass is to deprogram people from the influences of Catholicism and Christianity, he said.

How exactly that is supposed to happen when none of them will be present or paying any attention to him is left unexplained.

The 2½- to 3-hour mass will follow a ritual from the late Antoine LeVay, founder of the Church of Satan and author of “The Satanic Bible.”

It will begin with music by the band God in a Machine, followed by a lecture from Daniels on the purpose of the black mass, a ritual denouncing Jesus Christ and swearing allegiance to the devil, blasphemy against Christ, and stomping on and spitting on a wafer, representing the host, the element from the Christian communion, he said.

It will conclude with a reverse exorcism, casting the Holy Spirit out of the person, Daniels said.

Yes, I’m sure the Holy Spirit will obey whatever mumbo-jumbo Daniels throws at Him. Here’s a bit of irony for Daniels to ponder: if it is actually the Holy Spirit who resides in the person in question, He is omnipotent, making Daniels’ incantations meaningless. If another spiritual entity resides within the person, it’s demonic, in which case Daniels will be doing an actual exorcism, the opposite of his intention. Boogieboogieboogie!

Daniels said the group meets every Sunday in an Oklahoma City-area home, going through a cycle of rituals and activities that include teachings, working on journals and workbooks, and meals together.

Oh, it’s an Episcopal church. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

He said he and members of his group believe in and worship the literal devil, which they know by its Zoroastrian name, Angra Mainyu.

Asked if he considers Satan good, or if he believes he is worshiping an evil being, Daniels said Satan is a title that means adversarial king.

“My devil is an equal anti-cosmic spirit that is the antithesis to what most call God,” he said.

“If you call chaos, freedom and self-service evil, then I’m one wicked individual. … I’m no more evil than a lion who eats a gazelle.”

Whatever. As long as they don’t break any laws prohibiting the harming of people, animals, or property, they can play-act all they want. I suspect, however, that Daniels is probably not the kind of guy you’d want as a co-worker.

He said he was not upset about the outcry across the state and nation against what he is doing.

“We’re glad that we have this opportunity to expose these people’s self-righteous behavior,” he said.

He’s trying to “deprogram” Catholics and other Christians, but he going to “expose” other people’s “self-righteousness.” Clearly irony is not a Satanist strong point.

Many thousands of people have signed petitions opposing the black mass. One online petition had more than 100,000 signers by noon Friday.

Despite the protests, officials in Oklahoma City have stood firm in their decision to allow the black mass to be held, maintaining that under the Constitution, Satanists have the same right as any other group to rent city facilities.

Oklahoma City’s officials are correct, and Christians really do need to get used to this idea. Even faiths that we find repugnant have the right to believe and practice as they wish within the proper, First Amendment-respecting applicable laws. If Daniels and his buddies want to fork over to play Halloweenies in public, fine. God is not mocked, and He’s not threatened by such foolishness, either.

I do not by any means discount or downplay the reality of the demonic, nor do I doubt that there are deluded or evil people who are devoted to it. What I doubt is that stunts like this do anything more significant than make clear how ridiculous people like Daniels are.


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Oh, it’s an Episcopal church. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)It’s OK David, we were all thinking that.

It will conclude with a reverse exorcism, casting the Holy Spirit out of the person, Daniels said.

I find this ironic.  Daniels and his followers recognize that there really is a Holy Spirit (something that many modern “Christians” might argue), and by extension, the Trinity and Jesus Christ.  After all, you cannot exorcise someone who is not there. 

However, this would indicate that they accept that the Holy Spirit is a powerful being (even if not omnipotent- since if they thought He was, they would know exorcism is futile or dangerous).  Given that, one might think they would think twice.

One imagines that they have also not really given much thought to what might happen (to them) should Satan or one of his minions make an appearance.  In which case, they become the gazelles.  I mean, he might take exception to a bunch of would be Satanists performing a PG, made for the 6 o’clock news, “black mass” in place of the real thing.

The part I really don’t get is the lack of logic.  There are 2 possible arguments.  1) (Christian) God really is who He says He is, and by following Satan, you end up in hell for eternity with Satan; or (2) (Satanist) God is not omnipotent and Satan is some sort of “equal”, and by following Satan, you end up in hell for eternity with Satan.  In both possible cases, if you follow Satan, you end up in hell for eternity. I don’t see any upside.

[1] Posted by tjmcmahon on 9-21-2014 at 07:04 PM · [top]

Tjmcmahon, he seems to think of Satan as a competing and equally powerful opponent to God, and he says he believes in “chaos, freedom and self-service.”  So the idea of eternity in hell with Satan doesn’t look bad to him; he’ll be doing what he wanted to do, he thinks.  The problem is that he’ll be there with lots of other self-serving people doing what THEY want to do, and then there’s Satan, doing what HE wants to do with all of them.

The pretend black mass is underway as I type, in a room holding fewer than 100 people, according to the reports.  If this were a real attempt to challenge God, rather than a pretend publicity stunt, it would be extraordinarily dangerous.

[2] Posted by Katherine on 9-21-2014 at 07:15 PM · [top]

A few points.  This is the 3rd or 4th year for this.  Last year, no one came.  Apparently,  they needed more publicity, which they got,  along with the aroma of victim hood after the big bad Catholic archbishop sued to get what they claimed to be a consecrated Host back.  I’m of two minds as to whether to ignore them or fight them. There’s an argument for either.

Also,  the guy they are going to “exorcise” is a convicted sex offender,  and he’s not the only one involved.  I’m not sure if he’s an apostate Christian or what, but if they are telling the truth, they take Christianity more seriously than many Christians.

And yes, first amendment rights, etc.  But to take this seriously as a religion is ludicrous.  It’s derivative and negative at best. What they believe,  as far as they believe it, is Christianity, turned inside out.

[3] Posted by Words Matter on 9-21-2014 at 07:39 PM · [top]

What a brave stand this man is taking for freedom against the repression of the Catholic Church.

I suppose for his next courageous stand he will be travelling to Iran to perform a “black salat,” renouncing Allah, cursing Mohammad, spitting on the Quran…

...or perhaps his courage only extends as far as he is confident that he will not face any repercussions.

[4] Posted by Ecclesiastes 1:18 on 9-21-2014 at 09:03 PM · [top]

The problem is, demons are happy to show up at events like this.

[5] Posted by Jim the Puritan on 9-21-2014 at 09:14 PM · [top]

It is tempting to giggle at such things.  Even if they do think they are play acting, the problem with demons is, if you invite them, they just might come as Jim (#5) points out.

I can’t quite wrap myself around self-proclaimed devil worshipers being the most evil.  I usually reserve that for deceivers and heretics who clothe themselves as Christian.

[6] Posted by Bill2 on 9-21-2014 at 10:43 PM · [top]

According to news reports there were 40-50 participants at the black mass and about 1600 praying and singing protesters outside.

[7] Posted by Katherine on 9-22-2014 at 07:45 AM · [top]

I don’t know if Crowley will be surpassed. He and his followers were completely serious, and I’m sure that he’s enjoying his reward. His current followers don’t seek publicity and don’t practice their rituals out in the open like these folks.

This stuff cannot be ignored, taken lightly, or made fun of. Obviously, first and foremost, we should pray for the organizers and participants.

The devil is real. Demons are real. Hell is real. Spiritual warfare is real.

The only good thing about this is that it’s so blatant that nearly anyone can see it for what it is, unless they are deceived into thinking it doesn’t matter or is harmless. Hmmm, that actually seems to be the case.

Anyway, the greater danger is diabolical activity masquerading as Christianity, as noted above. The “Oh, it’s an Episcopal church. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)” comment is significant. Pray also for the Presiding Bishop and her legion.

[8] Posted by Ralph on 9-22-2014 at 08:43 AM · [top]

Apparently, 1600 in OKC, but also a Eucharistic Procession and prayer in Tulsa.

The devil is real, spiritual warfare is real. But this from the archbishop of Oklahoma City:

Coakley told attendees in his homily that Oklahoma City had been targeted by “dark forces,” but noted that as Christians “we know that Christ conquered Satan. The war has been won, Christ has conquered, though skirmishes will continue until Christ comes to reign forever.”

Jesus is Lord, not a fallen angel. 

Anyway, I worry a lot more about secularists - atheists, gay propagandists, and pro-abortion factions - than about some poor adolescent needing attention.

[9] Posted by Words Matter on 9-22-2014 at 10:20 AM · [top]

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