Call to Unite the Church to Stand Against Euthanasia

Posted by Fr. Tere on 04/15/2015

Call to Unite the Church to Stand Against Euthanasia

to sign a Petition to Leaders of the Christian Church.

“We would never have gotten away with what we did if the church had been united, purposeful, and strong.” Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson

Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson was a medical doctor who was instrumental in repealing abortion laws in New York. Years later he became a pro-life activist and confessed how he and those he worked with expected the Church, God’s people, to provide strong opposition to efforts to legalize abortion in New York and beyond.

If the Church had been UNITED, PURPOSEFUL, and STRONG… Roe vs. Wade would never have reached the Supreme Court. But the Church wasn’t united, purposeful, or strong, especially within the Protestant Church. It was divided, unsure, and naïve about abortion in general.

Forty years later we see history repeating itself, this time with attacks directed at the end of life instead of the beginning.  Efforts to legalize assisted suicide are gaining momentum and support nationally and internationally. In the United States in the last 18 months, nine states have considered legislation to legalize assisted suicide, and Vermont did legalize it. (OR, WA & MT also allow assisted suicide) In Canada, Quebec recently passed a law to allow doctors to use lethal injections to kill patients.

As Christians who value life from conception to natural death, we believe the American and Canadian Churches must be united in standing against assisted suicide and euthanasia. God’s people need to follow Scripture’s teaching on life and death and to agree with King David when he declares in Psalm 139,”Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” King David chose to trust God with his life and when and how it would end. We need to trust God just as David did.

God’s people must be purposeful in opposing death by euthanasia and assisted suicide. Spreading the Gospel and modeling God’s love to people who are suffering, are fearful of dying alone, and have lost all sense of dignity must be a priority of the Church. Followers of Christ should be purposeful in serving the vulnerable in our churches and in our communities. We can educate, equip, and engage those at the end of life to live their last days with the assurance of heaven as their eternal home. Coming alongside people who need help discerning whether a particular medical treatment is needed or helpful is one very important way God’s people can combine their faith and their service while remaining unshaken in their support of life.

Finally, we must be strong against the arguments and strategies employed by euthanasia proponents. Resisting the temptation to fall prey to the logic of the other side is hard, especially when it is you or a loved one suffering with a terminal illness or serving as the care-giver. Without help, prayer, encouragement, and a solid faith grounded in God’s Word, the lure of hastening death or supporting a loved one’s desire for assisted suicide can happen. Being connected and in fellowship with other believers is the only way to stay strongly committed to life until God calls us home.

Anglicans For Life recognizes the critical role the Church must play in our culture to prevent society from acquiescing to the pressure to buy into the lie that man can control when he lives and when he dies. Signing this petition is the first step in raising awareness and provoking a change within the church in order to stand united against euthanasia. Let’s create one unified voice, be the body of Christ, protect the sacredness of life, and share God’s truth and love with the world.

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