How Should Christians Respond to Family, Friends Who Come Out as Gay?

(Part 1) The Christian Post CPUS BY MELISSA BARNHART , CP REPORTER June 26, 2014|2:30 pm

Sudanese mother sentenced to death for 'converting to Christianity' freed after international outcry

Pray this is true this time - appears to be so. Praise you, Lord Jesus!

Gay Pride: The Pain Before the Pride

This article is incredibly well-written and well-struggled-through. Matt has fought the good fight, he has won the race, and he knows who is fighting with him and running with him. This is the church we long to be and must be.

Casual sex myth exposed by teenage schoolboy

Published by The Christian Institute, England

A call to action - How to Get Really, Really, Lost...or Be Found

Bill Atwood Bishop, International Diocese, ACNA

Willful Blindness

Very important Global View from Bishop Atwood.

The Ubiquity of Sin, the Good News of Redemption

Global View from The Rt. Rev'd Bill Atwood, Bishop, International Diocese, Anglican Church in North America

Middle East's Persecuted Christian communities

Christians in the West should stand up for those in the East out of regard for all they have given us over these thousands of years.

Good review on the movie Noah

Dr. Brian Mattson - Welcome to my website !

The Anglican Tradition

Three Rivers - One Stream by the Reverend Doctor Les Fairfield, Truro Church

Marriage tips (from one getting divorced)

This Guy Got Divorced And Said This About His Ex-Wife... And I Agree With Him. Gerald Rogers got divorced after 16 years of marriage. Recently he wrote a eye-opening public confession on his blog... after I saw it, I'm totally with him. He writes:

Jake in Wyoming

Best to keep in touch!

Why I will recommend Noah

David Roseberry's take on the movie Noah - he is the rector of Christ Church, Plano, TX.

Anglican Fever

Anglican Fever: Youth Flock to New Denomination

Why 'the vicar of Baghdad' - Canon Andrew White - is a hero for our times

Lela Gilbert | OPINION I met up with the Vicar of Baghdad in Jerusalem last Sunday. Unforgettable.

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