Interview with Clandestine Priest

You know who this is - do not post the name, please

The Gospel is under attack - Part I

Bishop Bill Atwood, International Diocese This week, I’d like to share about two areas where the Gospel is particularly under assault. Not everything claiming to be benign actually is… The first area of attack on the Gospel is occurring in the Church.

Impact Report: ARDF Partnership Will Provide Education for Young Women in South Sudan

South Sudan suffers from the world's worst literacy rate, and by far the highest maternal mortality rate of any nation.

CNN Questions Hamas on Blood Libel

If anti-Semitism were only a disease of the feebleminded, maybe it would be possible to accept as entertainment an exchange this week between CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan. GEORGE CONGER | FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 2014

Aborting in the Name of Jesus

BY RUSSELL D. MOORE , CHRISTIAN POST GUEST COLUMNIST August 9, 2014|10:24 am CAUTION: Reading this may be detrimental to you mental health! Fr. Tere

Anglican Vicar of Baghdad: ‘Child I baptized cut in half by ISIS’

Anglican Communion News Service By ACNS staff | August 8, 2014

4 things Jesus didn't die for

CALEB FLORES — JULY 25, 2014 on Made for More blog

Politics: IBD: IRS agrees to monitor church sermons to get atheists to stop complaining

Dan Calabrese on Best of Cain

Jeremy Lin Greets L.A. With Christian Charity


3 Views on How Long a Sermon Should Be

BY THOM S. RAINER , CHRISTIAN POST CONTRIBUTOR Dr. Thom Rainer is president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Church Members Weep, Pray Around 10-Foot Cross Removed by Police in China


Who Is Mehdi Nemmouche, and Why Did He Want To Kill Jews?

In the first of a five-part series on growing anti-Semitism in France, an intimate look at the alleged Brussels Jewish museum shooter. By Marc Weitzmann|July 15, 2014

Archbishop Foley Beach

2nd Archbishop for Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) elected in Conclave.

The ACNA Conclave, Council, and Assembly

Bishop Bill speaks of the recent gatherings

The next 6 Months ... then elections

From Fr. Jerry Kramer in the Is...ic Republic. Points of prayer

NT Wright talks

We are blessed to have the three talks NT Wright delivered here in Oklahoma City, at Oklahoma Christian University - becoming one of my favorite places (even if the Eagles don't have a football team!).

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