40 Days of Prayer

Posted by Bishop Bill Atwood on 09/29/2016
As a nation, we are at a great crossroads. In the natural it seem that the moral and spiritual decline that we have experienced over the last few decades is unrecoverable, but God’s Word is clear that there is something that can bring positive change—humility, prayer, seeking God’s face, and repentance. It is not a complex prescription, but it is a powerful one. 
Over the next weeks as we prepare for the upcoming election, I am sending out this Forty Days of Prayer. Each day you will get an update reminder to pray. I would also like to ask you to pray for our people and the nation because this is such a bizarre election! There are many people who are saying that they won’t vote at all or are planning on a protest write-in vote. Many have told me that they are offended by the personalities and or character of both candidates. In reality, we are not looking at the possibility of a rough four years, but because of the Supreme Court and other issues, this November’s election could overwhelmingly shape the next forty or fifty years.
I urge people to look at the two party platforms in light of the plumb line of Scripture. We should apply our faith to the issues and see which party is going to move things more in line with Scripture. It can be a bit confusing with all the ad hominem  attacks but I encourage you not to be distracted by them. Look carefully at the platforms of the two parties. While ours is still a free society in which people can use their vote as they choose, being a good steward of our vote is important. It is important to recognize that there are never perfect options in elections. Our responsibility as Christian citizens is to vote for that which will move the nation in line with Biblical principles. Also remember, that spiritual warfare is almost always incremental, where we advance bit by bit. 
There is one issue that stands above others in importance. For many people, it is the deciding factor in every election. That is the issue of abortion. It may be that the scourge of over fifty million lives lost in abortion has so damaged the moral fiber of our nation and is the cause of many of our ills. When we have the chance to vote to expand abortion or keep from expanding it, I believe that the choice is clear. Many decades ago, a coalition of legislators offered legislation that would stop abortion except for rape, incest, and the life of the mother. In the case of rape and incest, those horrors account for .3% of pregnancies. Pro-Life leaders rejected that offer saying that they wanted it to be completely outlawed. Now fifty million abortions later, I see the horrible folly of that decision.
Please urge your people to vote. Only half of those who self-describe as evangelicals even register to vote. On election days, only half of the registered evangelicals actually vote. That means that only 24 or 25% of evangelical Christians vote. If the vast majority of us voted with a Biblical world view, every election would be decided in line with the teaching of Scripture. 
Please pray and call your people to pray. 
Yours in Christ, 
Bishop Bill

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